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What is Sahara Tips goal? What do You get?

Carefully analyse football matches, Thoroughly examine upcoming sporting events
Analyze all aspects to make sure the result we predict will be as accurate as possible
Avoid predicting uncertain football matches
Provide analytical report for our premium users
Provide expert picks for our users to make selections

Receive a complete analysis of upcoming football matches
Form your ideas and opinions based on our guuidanc
Make your bets on single or multiple games
Increase the success rate of your bets with any bookmaker
Aren’t spending a lot of time making match forecasts on your own

How We Operate?

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Our team offers you complete details concerning upcoming football matches. You are not compelled to take all our selections. It is your choice whether to place a bet on recommended result. We help you make decisions, which provide real monetary value for you.

We predict top leagues

Sahara Tips team offer predictions mainly on top leagues and tournaments. If we made careless decisions, imagine the effect it would have on the bankroll of our esteemed users. Investing on unclear tournaments is too careless for your bankroll. It is almost impossible to offer quality predictions on events, if there is no open source information about them. Top-leagues are under constant close attention of media and sport governing organizations, unlike non-popular championships, where there is a high chance of bribery. In this case, how can you trust such analysis?
Sahara Tips will increase the success rate of your bets!