Responsible Betting, How idiots gamble

Images of winners holding cheques and posting 'winning bet' screenshots fill the internet and the media every now and again. More and more people are getting hooked onto the adrenaline of trying to win even when its obvious they are being idiots and not enjoying gambling as its ought to be.

Enjoyable gamblers are as follows:

1. See betting as a form of entertainment.

2. Don't place bet's of more money than they can afford to lose.

3. Researches, know and accepts the odds.

4. Keep sight of their chances of winning

5. Accept that their spending limits may be less than others

6. Don’t go back the next time to try and win back past losses AKA recovery. Utakulwa my fren

So, compiled below is a list of how idiots gamble their way to poverty

They prioritise betting as a way of making money
Come on lads, betting is not a way of making money, it might be, but shouldn't be the main aim- enjoyment is the reason betting exists.
Ever planned a night out with the guys? Do you ever think you gonna hit the jackpot that night and meet the woman of your dreams? Same to this- if it comes, let it be a pleasant surprise.

They place bets with cash they actually don't have
Schools fees, rent, medical fees, chama money should be channeled to where it belongs. Entertainment money can be joked around with and thats where betting falls.

Limits are what?
They respect no limits. They can gamble way into the night after doing it the whole day. They never make a decision on how much money they can afford to lose. They basically have no sense of self control and you know what, poverty too ha son control. Escape it like a plague!!!

They chase losses.
Recovery can be catastrophic. Once a game is lost, its lost. Gor Mahia 3-2 AFC Leopards, shall never determine Kariobangi Sharks vs Vihiga United thats upcoming in the next 10 minutes: and just because you feel all games for that day must be over 5.5 goals. Utakulwa!!!
Once you lose, STOP. Try again another day.

They bet when under the influence or stressed
Alcohol clouds judgement and betting is a judgment thingy. Over 2.5 when placed near Under 2.5 can be confusing with a unstable hand holding the phone. I bet you are not reading this while under the influence, because if you are- THIS IS IT IN CAPS!!! STOP!!!.
Stress is worse, it feeds on your mind. It closes every window and door that breathes reason and increases the volume of risk. It raises hope- RESIST.

They don't research
Stop looking at odds and thinking the lower odd should always win. Get reading, get researching- the devil is in the detail. Look at the head to head, read about team sheets, read what the pundits say, You can make a decision.
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