The DO’S of Sports betting

This activity called Sports betting, is a sport on its own- jammed with psychological traps and near death traps just to make it more clear. Most of us have experienced the empowering sensation of winning a sports bet. On the contrary too, most of us have also experienced the stomach-shrinking feeling of losing.

Sometimes the irrational part of the mind takes over and tries to invoke the ‘winning’ sensation at all costs. Illogical thoughts like, ‘it must be time my luck changed’ or, ‘surely it can’t be red again’ LOL, This happens all the time, doesn’t it?

The smart gambler keeps this irrational instinct in check and understands that chance does not owe him/her a favor because of past ‘sins’. This section has a list of common sense do’s and don’ts that should be adhered to when involved in any form of Sports betting.

Now, here are the DO’s

DO take breaks from the Sports betting activity you’re involved in. There’s a reason betting sites don’t show the time in RED BOLD! The less you think about the time you’re spending on the site and the longer you spend there, the more you’ll lose overall unless you’re a professional gambler with the hard-won knowledge to gain a statistical edge- like the one we provide here *cheek*

By taking a break you not only cut your turnover/ losses, you also refresh your brain (which may be relevant in games which require a degree of skill, like Manchester United vs Machester City/Chelsea). Finally, it gives you a chance to get your emotions back under control if you have been having a big winning or losing streak. Playing in the grip of strong emotions is a very dangerous pastime- mostly ending on the negative.

DO play within a fixed budget. Decide before you start what you can afford to lose and do not try to recoup your losses once your limit has been reached. That’s how family homes are lost- in Africa infact, in some cases, thats how wives have been lost…..oh, imagine the cold nights just coz you lost a bet in Downtown Kampala. If you have trouble stopping at your loss limit, then only bring the limit amount in cash and leave your extra cash untouched- dont load it on your phone or credit card.

Having established a budget, find a table limit appropriate for the amount of entertainment time you expect. If you want to make a night of it but can only afford to lose Ksh 100, then don’t play a multibet using Ksh 100 that you are not near sure of- consult our free tips table for these lean days. Find the lowest minimum odds and that one that looks surest and stake on it- Reemmebr that Swahili saying “haba na haba hujaza kibaba.” If you’re not sure which games offer the best returns, print out the table given on this site at the premium tips and take it with you. Sit down and go through it, stake not more than three games and sit back and enjoy.

DO keep track of your betting results. If you’re trying a new form of Sports betting, you are well advised to keep written records of your returns from each session. Over a statistically valid period this will show you whether your ‘system’ works or not. Do not rely on your memory for such information. There is unfortunately nothing so easy to deceive as our own egos. You can keep our records as well- to see how well we do.

DO accept a loss. It is not a reflection on you as a person. It does not establish future ‘credit’ with the gods of chance. Statistically, you are more likely to lose further money than you are to win it back. Let it go. Try and have a laugh about it, and preferably never give them another cent!

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